Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Its been awhile since I blogged! I really do have a lot to say! I have just been to busy to say it. It really is a roller coaster ride these days.The Good, Bad and the Ugly! Wesley seems to be having more good days than bad days lately. In all aspects of his life. He had tubes put in his ears a few weeks ago and I really do think he is hearing better. And his speech seems to be progressing better. The ENT says that its due to the tubes. I hope we continue to see such remarkable progress. All of Wesley's life I have been so excited for the day he would start talking. He is using his words more than ever now! Though it is still hard to understand it is amazing to hear. He is copying more words these days too. His newest word is "WOW". Thanks to the newest member of our house. (Samantha, Abe's little sister) It really is exciting to hear his voice!
Wesley started summer school last week to at his new school, Crest. Crest is a school for children with special needs of all kids and all ages. He is going into the 6th grade this coming year and with is small size and limited speech, we didn't feel middle school was the best choice for him. I was terrified of the things that might happen to him. Even in the 5th grade we were having some of the kids showing him not good things and laughing when he got in trouble for doing or saying those things. Things they knew better than to show a little guy who does not know any better. So Wesley will spend the remainder of his school years at Crest. It was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make so far. We want what is best for Wesley. We had to decide what environment we thought he would make the best progress in. Crest really seems to be that place. Time will tell! It seems in life you have to make the choice you THINK is best only to find out later whether or not it really was the best choice. Use your head, follow your heart, and listen to the wisdom around you. It doesn't hurt to add some prayer into that as well.
As special need parents we don't always have the answers. There are no books to tell us exactly what to do next. We rely on our families, our friends, our doctors, and our fellow special needs parents to help us navigate this road. They laugh with us, cry with us and all the emotions in between.

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