Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And the search continues.....

So the last few weeks we have been searching for a caregiver for Wesley. When he turns 13 daycare's in the state of Florida will not take children over 13. I get that in a normal situation. But this is not the norm. None the less, I am not going to be able to change the law in Florida.

I was so excited, I placed an ad on I got so many responses. Everyone was so nice, I thought how in the world am I going to pick. Well then it came to the in person interviews. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has showed for their interview. I had one set for everyday this week and they have all either no showed with no explanation, found other positions (I understand) or cancelled.

I begin to wonder am a too honest on the phone with them that I scare them away! I have always told anyone who cares for Wesley the GOOD, BAD, AND THE UGLY. (see Trish it keeps coming up) I don't want them in over their heads. I want them to love him and care for him for everything he is. EVERYTHING! So I leave nothing out! I don't want Wesley to feel unloved or afraid if this person is not the right fit.

Then I start wondering...WOW...this really is a big responsibility. I don't think it is because its all I have ever known. Taking care of a special needs child really is hard and it requires someone special to do this job. What no one knows is.....It's not that overwhelming. My best friend said to me today, "I would rather watch Wesley then my own kids". Not that she doesn't love her kids.But she knows him. If these caregivers would just give him a chance rather than just hearing the words "Down syndrome".

So the search continues and we have do have an "Ace in our Pockets" and we meet her this weekend. I pray she is the right one. Who knows maybe all this happened to show me that my "Ace" is actually an "Angel".

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